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Truth and Balance

There is so much balance in truth and you find so much more truth in that balance. First off energy doesn't lie. I will say this again, ENERGY DOES NOT LIE. How we express that energy might come off misinterpreted but that's why communication should at that point be a continuous thing. Through it small situations that present energy exchanges are processed, filed and stored in our minds. It lets you know how to move with a person and how they do you. Energy that comes off not feeling the best you want to understand why right?? I mean who wouldn't especially if its a loved one or someone you are closely attached to. So why don't we as a culture communicate better? It ultimately starts with self and the truth and balance of ones self. Once that is strengthened, it can be strengthened in families, then on to communities and so forth. Be the change you want to see!

How do you do that, you start with self. There are many different ways to begin to understand yourself. You can start with your family or your geographical area. Learn your history, your true history and you will begin to find some empowerment. Also take a look at your life and your accomplishments. What have you achieved, what goals have your surpassed, how have you expressed yourself through the things around you. Those things help you define understand your purpose and what brings joy to your life.. That's how you start!

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