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When is the last time you stretched your body?

And I mean, intentionally, outside of your regular habits. Of course, our normal coming and going requires bending, stretching, and reaching. But when was the last time you decided to take a moment to prepare your body for a deep stretch?

A deep stretch requires deep breathing, the constant expanding and slight constriction of your entire vessel. I'm sure you wouldn't realize it, but do you know most people spend their lives actually holding their breath or improperly breathing? That basically means that the body is constantly, typically in an irregular fashion, clinching and drawn in like a tightened fist. Sometimes releasing and sometimes not, which is the basis of a very regular issue for most people, anxiety, but that's not the focus today.

Today is a reminder to breathe and stretch, whatever that looks like for you!

It can be so simply incorporated into your day. Starting off your rising making time for this before anything else will change your days dramatically! My routine, for example, is best completed while baby is sleeping so I usually start early! After a shower and self-care, I immediately find the sun, whichever window is allowing it in the best, and face it. Greet the day!

I have a sun salutation routine I complete one that started pretty basic, but I added things that worked for me. That routine with deep intentional breathing really began to turn my rising into a pleasantly positive kick off that last me a great part of the day.

It usually doesn't take any more than about 15 mins, so it's great for busy moms and early work routines for most people. The key to the upliftment of your body is to reallllllyyyyy reallllllyyyy breathe! Inhale, fill your belly through your nose. Exhale, release out your mouth and draw the navel in. Even if you're not ready to complete the stretch as presented, set intention to at least deeply breathe for 10-15 minutes while standing or sitting because that's a start! Every time you inhale deeply, you're expanding or stretching your body. It's simple right!?

Don't even begin to get me started on what intentionally breathing deeply does for the mind! You send much needed oxygen to the brain!!

Hello win, win!

We are MIND, BODY, and SPIRIT over here!


Rising Affirmation:

I am blessed to see today

I am blessed to be present

My presence is a blessing

Today is what I make it.

Rising Sun Salutations Flow:

This is a simple one located on a google search feel free to search sun salutations to find one that is more suited to your level of expertise. The range from beginner to expert.

Remember you are loved!


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