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Happy Moon Day ! 7/17/2023 Check out The Rising Tea Podcast!  Szn 1: Episode 2 Spiritual & Mental Hygiene










Szn 1: Episode 1: 

The Journey of Transcending






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Omnipresence /n./ the state of being widespread or constantly encountered. The essence of God everywhere at the same time

The SOUlar Plexus Chakra is in focus this week on Patreon!

Energy, Control and Belief (Mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects)

Mentally, it's literally about controlling and managing your emotional and energetic currency. It's all about thoughts, ideas and how you communicate those through how they reasonate. This chakra rules how you express your ambition and goals and having the determination, confidence and courage to go after those things. This is the chakra of willpower! 

Physically this chakra rules the digestion, so Spiritually you should understand when it's said, "you are what you eat", that it is a physical and spiritual engagement. The same way we ingest our food, we ingest the news, bad energy exchanges from others and so forth. We are in a time where creating a healthy balance between the two is important in becoming the version of ourselves we want to be, especially on a mental level.

STAY TUNED, Later in the week will dive into:

The 7 Universal Principles, a.k.a The 7 Hermetic Principles

  1. The Principle Of Mentalism​​

  2. The Principle of Correspondence

  3. The Principle of Vibration

  4. The Principle of Polarity

  5. The Principle of Rhythm 

  6. The Principle of Cause & Effect

  7. The Principle of Gender

Lets talk specifically of the Principle of Correspondence this week.

As Above So Below

So you guys love looking to the stars for your horoscopes about love compatibility or to help understand the tone of your days when you wake up confused from the ones before. I believe it's about time to start really understanding how those things directly relate to you and how you can also utilize that information to set your OWN tone of the day. You are the creator and life is what you make it, literally. Collectively we are in rough shape based on our inward expressions. Not understanding how our personal lives relate to the energy around us, and not understanding how our own energy is being now used against us due to the fact. Most of this is also due to the fact that the English we speak is dumbed down so we don't understand how we drive this energy on a daily. The connections we have with the stars and energy that moves from that as expressed through Egyptian formerly know as Kemetic Ideology helps to paint the picture.

Everything we take part in on a daily is directly derived from the open vastness of deep dark matter above you. Lets start with the days of the week. 

Monday /lunes/ from Moon

Tuesday /martes/ Mars

Wednesday /miercoles/ Mercury

Thursday /jueves/ Jupiter

Friday /viernes/ Venus

Saturday /sabado/ Saturn

Sunday /domingo/ from Sun 


I included Spanish because in relation geographically and culturally those are going to be the most used and familiar with. And looking at that you begin to see the picture.  

Things to be familiar with:

7 Chakras and the Pineal Gland

Root Chakra

Sacral Chakra

Solar Plexus Chakra

Heart Chakra

Throat Chakra

Third Eye Chakra

Crown/Christ Chakra

13 is actually Sacred and not scary at all! Of course because I am DY Moon Goddess,

We have 13 moon cycles every year. In numerology 1+3=4 which symbolized completion and the 4 elements have often been associated Earth, Air, Fire, Water. Which all of the 13 zodiac truly represent. Yes I'm sure it confused most people when they announced the zodiac had changed because a new part of the constellation had been discovered. You thought something was changing but really we are returning. The sky tells the story of everything, 'As above, so below.' 

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