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Fasting can REALLY reset your body, mind and spirit.

Today is the first day of a much needed fast for me and I'm about 16 hours in as of writing this post. Due to my regular intermittent fasting and basically just consciously eating I'm not really feeling any differently just yet. I know for me I will feel the effects as I approach 24-30 hours. I originally was going to do a fruit fast for the week, but I think I may complete a few days with only liquids. Tea and water preferably no juiced fruit. I've been feeling an extreme amount of stagnation in my body and my mind is clouded because of it. When you know what you need to do but there is literally energy anchored in your body creating disfunction in your ability to just purely be in that, you must find release!

So, a much-needed purge is taking place in the form of detoxing and cleansing my vessel. After 24 hours your cells begin to activate and turn over and baby TURN OVER!! Lol lets go!

I will also allow this time to get consistent and develop a better routine in regard to posting in real time. I have so many writings, insights, lessons, and just substance that I need to share that I allow to just remain stuff in my journals and my electronic devices. No more! Its giving new year, new time, a personal quantum leap! Because yes my life is my own personal universe, and I really need to hone in on the energy that is present for ME in this moment. It's literally oozing but something parasitic is fighting right now I just know it.

It's crazy because by simply acknowledging it, like by me writing that last sentence, I actually have now told my brain to send signals to locate any foreign or toxic energy/parasites in my body. Thats real intention. Thats how you regain body autonomy. By simply understanding that whatever you want your body to do or how you want it to function for you is directly correlated to the signals it receives from your brain. Commands that YOU give it!

It can really all be so simple but I can definitely speak for many when I say healing, growth, progression whatever is the uplifting of oneself is not a straight line. Its a continuous journey of gains and losses, steps forward and steps back.

But the more you gain clarity in the mind the more you are able to intentional speak for and command yourself to do the things in the best interest of yourself. That clarity comes from cleansing the body, because then the mind begins to clear its fog and your find yourself back home with your spirit. Back in the ability to hear and communicate with God to understand how to continue to be who you are organically meant to be.

Happy Healing!

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