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The thing about people seeing you is that they have to be able to see themselves

And by that I mean there has to be clear vision. That's free of perspectives that don't serve the vision. Insecurities that could disturb or disrupt the vision. Trauma can manifest in projections of what you're seeing which means you really aren't seeing at all. You are in a memory. You're somewhere frozen in time that doesn't represent the present moment. The key is to be present. That means yesterday doesn't exist and you don't have any expectations of tomorrow or even the next minute. I feel most people have a problem with seeing clearly. In a world where your life is constantly under a microscope I feel that leads people to paint a picture that may not actually resemble the artwork. And what's so crazy about that is collectively we are all INDIVUALLY original works of art so busy trying to cover the parts we don't consider perfect, in someone else's eyes, that we distort the image that TRULY deserves to be on display.

To truly be on display is to be unapologetically yourself. It means literally that, no apologies just being. Without explanation, that is unless you want to explain and that's actually what is needed more of. Communication, organically communicating to understand what it is you are seeing because in that moment is when you gain new perspective or clearer vision. The blurriness stems from blurs in the mind. Constraints we put on the views of people, the world, and all the things that come with it. Views that typically stems from someone else's version of what they are seeing. So this cycle begins. I feel it's already being explained without having to write it out plain. Before taking sight through someone else's eyes maybe try to understand first why they even see it that way. What you will begin to learn about people is that most perspectives stem from their own personal experiences whether that's good or bad, happy or sad. It's all about perspective.

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