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The best way to predict the future is to invent it.

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

-Alan Kay

I literally just lost a whole 5 min read from a computer glitch. AYE, I was pissed! But I'm going to take it as a sign that it was probably a misrepresentation of my actual energy currently. It was what you call a "Puff piece" with the headline, "WAP, Women need Assurance and Protection." And though I expressed why I feel we need those things I believe when I was expressing it, I stemmed it from a place of lack with receiving. But there isn't any lack to speak of because though women need that from men we can provide it for ourselves. Does that mean we should have to? Hell no! Assurance is the confidence in ones own abilities. We as women want to see you walking and standing in your power, yes be firm but also balanced. That's the energy that speaks! Yes we as women sometimes are over confident in our abilities and honestly that's where we try too hard. A woman should be able to move and just be. We want you to take the lead, just don't lead us in a ditch baby. And protection is mandatory for the stability and strength of the unit. Feeling safe and secured allows us to be open and vulnerable. Soft and feminine. To protect is to keep free from harm or injury, and also to guarantee or 'preserve'. Preserve yourself and preserve your lady, keep it balanced, learn from one another. By standing in your power, if so you choose to be that for a woman, do it with pride. The more you are, the more she can just be. A perfect balance of energy. Consistently replenishing itself, two people together should not equate to loss, it should represent balance and heighten elevation. It should be fluid, like walking. The more secure she is, the more she'll be free. Ride that wave. There should be no resistance!

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