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Present Not Perfect

I'm literally trying this out right now. I decided to go live on my Instagram page for the first time and offer card pulls and quick reads. Just something light to test the water and honestly see how many of my 1300 followers would tune in... Not many did. Actually I only had one before I decided to just hang out and talk to myself. I decided to pull a card or two for myself and truth and love was revealed. What that says to me is that the truth I'm about to speak is going to come in the greatest expressions of love! That's why perfection isn't a requirement. The only requirement is to be P R E S E N T. Show up for yourself daily! The more you're able to be you authentically, whatever version you decide to bring that day... live in that truth and express how you're feeling in that moment. There is beauty and lessons in every aspect of yourself that comes forward. Be unapologetic!

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