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My fear has NEVER been that I'm inadequate. I am powerful beyond measure

auspicious is to be conducive to success, or to be deemed favorable.

Today is July 1, 2021 and I originally begin this post in March, maybe even earlier because that date could be the last time I attempted to add to it. I say all this to say "Trust Your Process" and remember all thing develop in divine time. I pulled some cards today and yesterday and based off the themes presented I feel that this post is finally ready to come to fruition.

There has been major hesitation presenting itself in my own life and I believe it to be somewhat collective on a level in the world. That hesitation is keeping us from our true destiny, our Fate. In cards that followed this is the reason success isn't attained on a worldly level. Things so solidly rooted in ultimate fulfillment and sustainability for all. We tend to overextend and over think the simplest situation. Typically because we look at them in a pessimistic view instead of with optimism and all the while we are dimming our light in the process. Again, personally and collectively. In hiding the things of our true nature we as a society can't uplift ourselves higher than we see ourselves.

In a personal light I can even speak on this simple blog post. Sometimes due to fear of the unseen or unknown I tend to not see at all. But knowing and seeing is actually what can bring a thing to light. Or life, you see. Because light is life and to have sight of that light is to see. But it also has to be something you feel because if you can't feel it how can you know it's real. That's when things of light began to form into something more physical. I have had the hardest time executing so many goals ultimately because I can't see the outcome but so what! What should be most fulfilling is the process and the things I learn about myself in the process. I call that fear of the unknown or untold but honestly I do know what the outcome is and maybe that's why I hesitate. I know how powerful anything I touch can be and is it that I'm not ready to share that with the world around me? Even knowing how beneficial it can be something in me still fears a thing that doesn't even have a face or light, or life. So why am I hesitating? Do I feel people are not ready? Do I feel it would not be accepted, understood? I'm sensitive about my shit! No but forreal I believe I had a tendency to hide my true light because I'm not sure who will level with me but at this point I know that everything that is for me will be. Everything and everybody I am meant to attract will come my way. With no effort and I mean that in terms of looking or searching. The effort I need to put in to it is just to execute and be myself. But in being myself I basically have to share myself with the world. And honestly that's been the biggest thing for me. I can be my self unapologetically by myself and in my space but I have to find balance in sharing that with those around me. That time is now and this is how I start.

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