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Judgement Day is EVERYDAY

And by that I mean, its not about all the things you've done in your life and then one day there's a review...No, you have to be mindful daily. That same energy but more present in the routine of your daily maneuvers and interactions. Those conscious and subconscious actions. Subconscious actions typically do more harm because it gives energy to movement without you always being aware. So finding the balance between living your life and being a good person is mandatory. Thoughts have energy and you know what energy can do! So move vigilantly!

Vigilantly - observant, attentive, awake

Here's a small personal prayer I'd like to share from a time of release for the sake of my mental clarity. Words have energy so use them and talk to your spirit. The burning of a white candle can aid you in this prayer as well. Purification.

I ask (Universe,God,ALLAH,Stars,Spirit**whoever you call) that you lift the clouds that fog and bog down my thinking. I ask that you break down the mental walls that stop me from seeing the beauty and brightness that is in this world globally and available to me in my daily life. I ask for profound experiences that shape and transform my life for the better. I set the intention that health and healing flow through my body now. I set the intention that I be vibrant and strong. I set the intention that the choices I make reflect my decision to value, care, and respect the temple that is my body. I ask that laughter and good vibes ripple throughout my day. I ask that through the good and bad I'm able to see the humor in it all and never feel too heavy and weighed down by the world or my mind. I set the intention today that I'm able to safely release any burdens I've been carrying.

Thank you God

All Praise to ALLAH

Ase to my Ancestors

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