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Its all about Good sleep and a ROUTINE...

Coming from the girl up writing this post at 1:56AM. I love my sleep but I love my sun even more. This is literally the last thing I'm doing before bed and its because I've given so much to everything and everyone else today that I MUST digress. Tomorrow, well today is my suns first day of kindergarten and unfortunately he'll be going virtually. I shouldn't call it unfortunate though because I honestly know and feel in my heart we're going to love this... It's crazy that everything has worked out this way because something that I've always spoke on being a dream of mine was homeschooling my children.. For multiple reasons, but mental wellbeing is the most important and the only one I'll get into on this post. His mental well being and my own is important. Now that it has really become a reality, even though unexpectedly, I'm in the business of making any necessary changes needed way before I complain about anything. Because everything happens for a reason. So with that being said I have spent the last week or so looking for remote work and considering taking some time away from the shop, which is my first passion, and make some changes to allow more time for my sun and his education. And guess what that means? Time for NEW routines. Better routines. When it comes to routines I will be honest and say I'm always the woman with the plan but my execution skills falter. Its not that I don't want to do the things it's just sometimes my day doesn't allow me to fit everything in.. and with the lost of energy throughout the day some of my wants and sometimes personal needs have to take a backseat to responsibilities. It's not all the time or everyday but it happens enough to where today I say ENOUGH!

Time for new routines! The best way I feel to get a clear understanding on how to go about your day is first you have to assess all your daily responsibilities. Take some time to see how long it takes you to do particular things throughout the day.. You can make any necessary changes to those times as well... We may not realize how much time we spend on an action until we do an exercise like this. Next after you've taken care of your responsibilities, write down the things you need for purpose of peace and sanity.. You see I didn't call them wants because we're not there yet...

I feel you could have a need for yourself that may not come off as a daily responsibility but you still may need it throughout the week for numerous reasons, like health and fitness, mediation, dancing or things like yoga. Now its time to factor in things like that for your new routine. You can incorporate it into your schedule on specific days but if you have some room daily when all your responsibilities are handled I say go for it..

Lastly I say evaluate the things you consider a "want". Developing a routine for things you want could very well have you back at your responsibilities and needs, because without handling those first the things you want may not come off as fulfilling as you hoped. You can't enjoy a break if you're thinking about things you could've benefit from if you stuck to all the things you said you'd do. That's how we get stuck because we keep thinking on it instead of acting, then we think about why we didn't act while doing something else.. If you're thinking about those things while you're doing something you think you want I believe you have your answer. A lot of the time we begin to see that the more we do the things we need for peace of mind on a daily note our capacity for energy begins to shift. Finding, creating, and exuding balance in your life begins to be a thing you crave.

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