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"It's a trend for these to men to die on their own SWORD. - Nas

Anagram n - a word, phrase, or name formed by rearranging the letters of another, such as SWORD or WORDS

Communication is nothing but words, anagrams, metaphors and analogies. That's why communication is so important. But what's even more important is understanding WHAT communication can actually DO! In order to get an idea lets start off with the fact that history even tells us that letters represents sounds, those sounds come together to create words, and those words form expressions. Expressions from self to another or self to self is an extension of energy. I express how I feel by the words that I say.. whether good or bad.

With that being said, words hold quite a bit of weight.. Why do you think they say the pen IS the mightiest sword?! It's because so much change can come from thoughts intentionally written with a little action behind them. The way to see change is to be that change and set an example. A thought becomes a behavior, writing them down helps you discipline your mind to think about those behaviors. Putting forth action towards those goals and being intentional you begin to see change. It doesn't always happen overnight so be patient with yourself. At the end of the day it's about the intention!

Words can change your reality if you allow them too. I mean that in the best ways and sometimes in the worst. That's why you should be mindful of what you say, as you speak those things over yourself. If its spoken habitually, I mean, why are you wondering why life isn't presenting itself the way you seek? Its because of your words. Something as simple as text speak FML ( fuck my life ) when something goes wrong, or even saying things like "I'm the shit" most of the time your ass stinks for real. Either that or your attitude LOL, but seriously you have to speak higher of yourselves! Especially women, the creators. The ONLY physical being on this earth that can create life or choose to take one, if that doesn't show you how powerful you are ladies! So most importantly for us we damn sure have to be mindful of how we're speaking and acting and how we are conducting in life, or contributing to the manifestation of our experiences. Because to be quite honest the deadliest sword out right now is the womb! We are literally creating babies, and then instead of raising them we give them to the world and let them figure it out. Kids now a days can't even read proficiently or speak with confidence. That's because most of them come into the world lost and alone with no real guidance.. which brings me back to words before I turn this into a whole different topic today. We need to take more time to speak to our children, uplift their minds. Give them something you may not have gotten. Be the change you want to see by helping your children not make the same mistakes you did as they grow. Be patient with them. Don't wait until they go to school to make sure they're learning something. Use your words to converse and share experience, ask how they're feeling. Help them communicate those feelings back because of lot of the time they want to say they feel alone, or bad, or scared but they don't know how to express that because you lack in examples. Be intentional about your words with your children. Express love and support! Encourage trying new things and going for what you believe in.. All that direction comes from words.

Don't keep subjecting them to mindless behaviors like teLIEvison and CELLphones!

The things that they learn and are exposed to are words and expressions. Things they have no idea how to discern and rarely even realize what they are soaking up until it's being spit back to the adult and then some people think its cool, IT'S SAD. In reality the young kids are LOST and pretty soon the effects will be detrimental. We have to correct this and it starts with you! Read them a book, have them help you write a story or create a character. You will learn so much from them I guarantee.

The more I learned from my sun the more revelations I had of myself. Him being who he is reminded me of the power I have. And since being blessed with his presence, I have done everything to hone that power. Words of affirmations, daily mantras, continuous prayer... What they have in common all depends on the intention of your energy. Use those as tools. Say the things to yourself you feel you need to hear. Ultimately you know what makes you feel good, a lot of people just have settled with feeling anything that even feeling bad is comfortable.

It's time to dead that, literally.

It's time to live, literally.

It's time to speak, literally.

And watch how your life changes, LITERALLY!

As it is, so shall it be!


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