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Getting out of the notion that everything has to be perfect before it's done!

There is so much fulfillment in just showing up and being present. I literally battle with this personally. Whether it be in regards to myself or a business endeavor, I'm always kinda like.. not yet. It needs a little more of this or a little more of that. In today's world it seems like that's the way to go, all this prepping and prepping for a SINGLE moment when the greatest joys come from the process and challenges itself. I found those things joyous because that's when I learn the most about myself. How I overcome and experience new versions of myself just by trying at something even if I fail. It's like peeling the onion of your soul because what lies beneath this skin is truly so much substance most people don't even dive into it. I feel its easier to concern yourself with everything around you, keeping up with trends, and waves.. When what is IN you, literally is your own wave or frequency. A lot of the times your own wave can present more abundance and opportunities then riding that of another. What's meant for you never misses... What happens is we stray so far away and then realized years later that you aren't happy or fulfilled because you're moving based off what's around you and not what's in you. And what's in you has to be expressed also! Your experiences can actually help someone else look and see how much substance lies within them as well. When more of us share experience we start to realize that many of us actually have the exact same struggles as the people we look up too and feel that life has given them something it hasn't gave to you. We are all here for our own personal fulfillment. No one persons path is the same. You literally are the only you! So who's to say it's not time for a certain change or endeavor? Who's to say that's not ready? Who's to say you need more or this, more of that!? You know what's best for you and your life. Our life literally is an expression of God. There is no certain way to live it. God chose YOU to express that perfect manifestation of yourself. God literally has a plan for you that's for no one else. SO choose you! Choose your thoughts! Choose your experience! Now is the right time! It's okay to try again! It's okay to start anew or revamp or reinvent! The only time is now! And the only day that matters is today. Everyday is a new chance to be. That's it. Let yesterday die. And choose to live today!

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